Our Services

Reverse Engineering

Often organisations face limited functionality for complex parts due to lack of original design documentation. Our in-house 3D scanner captures 3D geometry and automatically produces scan data polygons for reverse engineering. With reverse engineering we are able to analyse a physical part and make improvements on the design, create variations, or simply to replicate. As an extension of the 3D solid modelling process, we offer rendered, exploded & animated views of 3D models.


3D Scanning

Complex parts are a challenge to reproduce especially when a 2D blueprint is not available. Manual dimension-taking is tedious and time consuming and can result in unwanted errors and less than desirable output. A 3D scanner can easily capture external surfaces measurements and simultaneously output a digital 3D copy of a part onto a computer making it easy to remotely check your work especially when you have restricted access to certain parts.


CAD Modelling

For various fields in engineering, machinery, automotive, defence and aerospace industries, we help customers to realize their ideas into precise 3D models. With the help of our in house 3D scanner, the process taken can be shortened.

Engineering Analysis

Will your product wear out or worst, break? Will it perform according to its design intent? Let our CAE experts assist you in predicting how a product reacts to real-life forces, vibration, fluid flow, and other physical effects. Performing an engineering simulation analysis enables you to reduce the amount of physical prototypes and tests thereby optimizing components in their design stage to develop superior products, faster.