Track the location, configuration, usage status, maintenance history, life tracking component.

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Aircraft Structural Integrity

Improves safety and assets reliability and effective management of assets.

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3D Crack Mapping

Pin point the exact damage location and visualize it in a 3D environment.

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Oil and Gas

Providing solutions in reliability engineering and virtual prototyping.

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About Us

Caidmark’s services to the industry is to bring engineering solutions for peaceful uses that bring productivity and operating efficiency to the end users. In order to protect the company’s products from being used by irresponsible parties, Caidmark hereby declares that our company is committed to comply with Malaysian government’s Strategic Trade Act 2010 and its objectives. Caidmark Sdn Bhd shall have in place a system for handling, screening and identification of activities that necessitate controls in order that our company will not be involved in the design, development, production and delivery of our products that can be benefited by parties involved with weapons of mass destruction.