Caidmark, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited engineering and ICT services company, was set up in April 1986 to offer engineering services and configure software for engineering and scientific applications. Our focus is on the military, marine, OGP (oil, gas and petrochemical), energy, transportation and higher education sectors.

Caidmark is an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) for the Design Approval of Aircraft Structural Integrity (ASI) activities on RMAF aircraft and Engine Structural Integrity (ESI) activities on aircraft engine. Caidmark has a 4 star SCORE rating from SME Corporation.

Quality policy which Caidmark is committed towards establishing itself as an international engineering services  and ICT provider with great emphasis being given to customer’s satisfaction through the implementation of an effective  quality system which is continually upgraded. 

Caidmark’s services to the industry is to bring engineering solutions for peaceful uses that bring productivity and operating efficiency to the end users. Caidmark Sdn Bhd shall have in place a system for handling, screening and identification of activities that necessitate controls in order that our company will not be involved in the design, development, production and delivery of our products that can be benefited by parties involved with weapons of mass destruction.